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The decision to embark on laser vision correction is an exciting one! It is
Dr. Nissman’s job to provide you with all the information necessary to make this decision and also to ensure that your goals and expectations are realistic. There are always benefits and risks to any surgical procedure, and it is important that we open a dialogue about them. At your initial free consultation, Dr. Nissman will perform a complete eye exam to ensure the overall health of your eyes. He will also take detailed measurements of your refractive error.

Following your evaluation with Dr. Nissman, you will be scheduled for a preoperative evaluation at TLC Laser Eye Center located directly across the street from Dr. Nissman’s office. TLC is a large national chain that sets the standard for excellence in refractive surgery, and this is where Dr. Nissman performs his LASIK surgery. At this free no-obligation exam TLC will take additional measurements to ensure that you are a good and safe candidate for the procedure. They will be able to answer many of your questions and will also discuss scheduling and payment options with you. They offer excellent payment plans, and most patient are eligible for 18 months interest free financing through TLC.

It is our commitment to work closely with you in this process to make it as enjoyable and rewarding as possible!

The LASIK Procedure

The procedure takes approximately eight minutes per eye and is essentially painless.

The steps are as follows:

Anesthetic eyedrops are applied to the eye.
A protective flap is created and gently lifted by the surgeon, revealing the inner corneal tissue.
Computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light are applied to the inner layers of your cornea. The inner corneal layer is reshaped with the laser to match your contact lens or glasses prescription.
The surgeon gently replaces the flap and aligns it to its original position. It heals naturally and securely.
Some patients may feel slight irritation for a few hours, but most are quite comfortable.
Vision recovery is almost immediate, although the vision may fluctuate slightly for a few weeks following the procedure before reaching its final clarity.

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