Will my insurance company pay for eyelid surgery?


Dr. Nissman specializes in oculofacial plastic surgery, specifically surgery of the eyelid area.

As we age, gravity and skin laxity causes a drooping of the face, and this is especially evident in the upper face and tissues around the eyes. Eyelid surgery to reverse these aging changes often has a dramatic effect in restoring a more youthful and well-rested appearance to the face.

Most eyelid surgery is performed by Dr. Nissman right in the office under local anesthesia with almost no discomfort to the patient. Patients can expect stitches for one week and bruising for 1-2 weeks as they heal from surgery.

Patients are often surprised and pleased to learn that most insurance companies do pay for eyelid surgery in many cases. Dr. Nissman’s staff will work directly with your insurance company to help maximize coverage for these often life-changing procedures.

(Insurance companies do not pay for Botox® injections or dermal fillers to reduce the signs of aging.)

For any procedures that are not covered by your medical insurance, Nissman Eye Associates offers low interest and interest-free financing options for cosmetic procedures through Care Credit.